AM (Ampli­tude Mod­u­la­tion — dou­ble side­band, full car­ri­er) is the old­est form of voice mod­u­la­tion. A CW car­ri­er sig­nal is con­trolled (mod­u­lat­ed) by an audio volt­age, so that the ampli­tude of the radio car­ri­er ranges from zero (at neg­a­tive audio peaks) to 200% (at pos­i­tive audio peaks). Gen­er­a­tion and recep­tion of tra­di­tion­al AM can be done with rel­a­tive­ly sim­ple cir­cuits, and it is still in use by a small, but hardy group of ama­teurs. Nev­er­the­less, most ham voice activ­i­ty on HF has moved to SSB

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