A radio ama­teur and Puer­to Rico Air Nation­al Guard mem­ber involved in hur­ri­cane recov­ery there died on May 2 when a Her­cules C‑130 air­craft crashed in Geor­gia, killing all aboard. Among the nine fatal­i­ties was Eric Cir­cuns, WP4OXB, of Rio Grande, Puer­to Rico. The car­go plane, attached to the Puer­to Rico Air Nation­al Guard’s 156th Air­lift Wing, went down short­ly after take­off while on a rou­tine mis­sion to Ari­zona.

Eric had been part of this unit, and this air­craft had served dur­ing both hur­ri­cane Irma and Maria,” ARRL South­east­ern Divi­sion Assis­tant Direc­tor and Assis­tant Puer­to Rico SM Jose “Otis” Vicens, NP4G, said in a state­ment. “The peo­ple of Puer­to Rico thank him for his ser­vice and ulti­mate sac­ri­fice. He will be remem­bered.”

Accord­ing to media accounts, the 60-year-old air­craft was under repair in Savan­nah before it took off. It had been used in sev­er­al hur­ri­cane relief and recov­ery efforts and was report­ed to be on its way to Ari­zona to be decom­mis­sioned.

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