JT9, intend­ed for MF and HF use, was intro­duced in an exper­i­men­tal ver­sion of WSJT, known as WSJT‑X.   It uses the same log­i­cal encod­ing as JT65, but mod­u­lates to a 9‑FSK sig­nal. With 1‑minute trans­mis­sion inter­vals, JT9 occu­pies less than 16 Hz band­width. JT9 also has ver­sions designed for longer trans­mis­sion inter­vals of 2 min­utes, 5 min­utes, 10 min­utes or 30 min­utes. These extend­ed ver­sions take increas­ing­ly less band­width and per­mit recep­tion of even weak­er sig­nals.

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Solar-Terrestrial Data

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